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#BEYOURSELF is dedicated to women who are not afraid to affirm their personality.

Currently composed of three rings with three interesting themes, it will surely have a future expansion and infinite customization possibilities.

The focal point of the #precious ring is the pearl, but it could also be a gem, #nature puts the accent on a natural element, in this case an enameled flower, but obviously it could be a leaf or other naturalistic theme of your choice, #moon is dedicated to the universe.

The title of the collection urges us to choose the theme that we feel closest to us, invites us to be ourselves, without fear, and with conviction, in this uniform world, often without stimuli.

The "frame" of the ring (type of model already used in the past in other collections, but with different shapes) recalls the icon of a much loved social network, and also the use of keywords immediately underlines the center of attention and this who is loved by the person who wears the ring.


The #BEYOURSELF rings will be presented at HOMI - February 2020.


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