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What people who wear EG jewelry think


 Giovanna Piccinato,  Cream


"I met Eleonora in

occasion of one of his exhibitions

personal in Lodi and le

his sculptures have me immediately


When you talk to Eleonora

feel the enthusiasm she feels

in realizing his works:

  it's as if he takes you to his

laboratory and feel the

passion that puts into each

its creation.

What I appreciate

mostly in a

EG jewel is that it is unique and

that I know, wearing it,

than the artist  he put his all into it

his passion and

his creativity in making it "

Sarah Grutzmann - Berlino 10.10.20 - Cop

"I met Eleonora at the event  in Bergamo-Città Alta and immediately took a liking to her style and charisma. Her rings were so lovely and I had been looking around for the right one. I explained to her what I had in mind and she added her creativity. She worked with me one on one in order to get the ring perfect and the distance between us did not matter (since I live in Germany). This ring is one I hold closely and it's the kind of piece I feel confident wearing. Eleonora is so passionate and talented, and it shows through her work. Work that also comes with friendship. Besides, it's always important to support your local artists ". 

Sarah Grutzmann, Berlin

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