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Art, creativity, have always been part of me.

And even the world of jewelry has always fascinated me, since I was a child, when I created jewelry with poor materials.

Over the years I have applied the various artistic techniques learned during courses and woekshop, from modeling porcelain to lampworked glass, but also personal experiments such as innovative combinations, Biocemento and resins.

In 2012 I created the EG Eleonora Ghilardi Ceramics & Jewels logo.

After goldsmith studies I applied myself predominantly to the lost wax casting technique and as a metal alloy I prefer bronze, thanks to its warmth, to the thought that ancient jewels were forged with it. It is resistant, but "variable", as its shine can change according to the skin of the person who wears the jewel. It also requires minimal care, periodic cleaning, and in my opinion this is a merit as it invites the person to take care of their jewel, consider it for what it really is: a meticulous, unique creation, made with love and that must be treated with respect.

It is not a mere ornamental object, but an extension of the person who wears it, often a sort of amulet.

My jewels are aimed at people who do not follow fashions or trends, people who like to feel comfortable wearing my jewel as it completes their personality.

It is very interesting for me to listen to the various opinions and immediately understand the affinity that a particular jewel creates with a person.

The EG jewel is not to be flaunted, it is, first of all, a conscious and targeted choice, driven solely by your taste and desire to wear a creation that completes us, makes us feel good and creates harmony.


Among the most important exhibitions, FASHION JEWELERY, November 2016, PALAZZO REALE - MILAN / GIOIELLI DI GUSTO - PALAZZO MORANDO - MILAN.










Emanuela Maisano

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Packaging EG - Monde Perdu


For the Monde Perdu collection the packaging is renewed...


The boxes are always made of recycled paper, PLASTIC FREE, white or avana colour.

The stamps are "vintage" reproductions of period prints.

Inside, the jewel is contained in a natural cotton bag which bears the EG logo, certificate of authenticity and instructions for the maintenance of the jewel, in Italian and English.

To complete the presentation, stamps with the name of the collection, string and EG logo made with VEGAN sealing wax,

The mood is deliberately retro, perfectly in line with the proposals of the collection, and it is SUSTAINABLE.

Packaging EG



Elegant and ethical, EG packaging was created in 2012,

Made of recycled paper, PLASTIC FREE , has the connotations and the look of a small postal package.

The stamps are designed and made in perfect harmony with the relative collection, stamps affixed to the box attest to the certification of Made in Italy and unique piece.

The closure is an elastic cord with the EG logo made of porcelain, resembling the sealing wax seals used in the past.

A small booklet in Italian and English explains how to best maintain your jewelry, based on its characteristics.

The certificate of authenticity completes the package.


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