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In my childhood and adolescence I have memories of myself that, on the phone, or at school, in moments of pause, with a pencil or pen, I drew abstract signs, even on corners of sheets ... regarding them, I often noticed how particular they were ... I then read that in fact the GHIRIGORI are simple designs that can have concrete meanings of something or could only be abstract forms and that according to certain studies seem to help to rearrange ideas.

I certainly miss those moments when the mind wandered free ... nowadays, in this technological era, it is difficult to have time to relax the mind and let the hand create independent lines.

So I decided to create a collection where my hand still creates these GHIRIGORI, but with wax ... GHIRIGORI which are however long-lasting, being then made with the lost wax casting technique, therefore unique and created in bronze or silver.

Each twirl, as it should be, is strictly unique and will not be a set of hatches on paper destined to disappear.

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