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HAWAII is made up of four main lines, dedicated to the four islands of Hawaii visited during an unforgettable journey.

Big Island , my favorite island, where nature is sovereign: concrete forms that recall solidified lava are the backdrop for color games where red and black predominate ... solidified lava and incandescent lava.

Maui , with shades that turn from blue to blue and shapes that recall the movement of the waves, admired during walks along its beautiful and wild beaches.

Kauai has the warm colors of the hinterland, dominated by forests in some places still not accessible by car. The shapes are reminiscent of the pebbles and leaves of the forests.

Mahalo , which means "thank you" in Hawaiian, is lively and uses the colors of the rainbow, often present on these islands. Flowers and leaves make up necklaces, earrings, rings, pins and bracelets.



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