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Check the availability of the jewel in the descriptive paragraph.

If the jewel is not available at the moment, you can still order it by selecting your favorite metal in the "Material" field and the jewel will be made in 20-25 days.



"I have reached my final days and driven into madness by the atrocious banalities of existence that dig like drops of water distilled by torturers on the victim's body, I have sought salvation in the wonderful refuge of sleep. In dreams I have found a little bit. of the beauty that I had sought in vain for life and immersed myself in ancient gardens and enchanted woods. Once the wind was particularly sweet and fragrant, I felt the call of the south and I sailed languidly, aimlessly, under unknown constellations ".

Howard Phillips Lovecraft of Ex Oblivion, 1921


Goldsmith technique lost wax casting.

Small imperfections are not to be considered defects, but guarantees of the real handmade.


Currently not available - can be ordered.


- oxidized red bronze

- weight gr. 6.7

- depth 2 cm

- custom made, adjustable.


In case of unavailability, the realization times are approximately 20 days.



DARKLAND | RING cod.30 dk-ring

    • The costs are inclusive of VAT.
    • If there are no ongoing promotions, the shipping costs for Italy are as follows: € 8.00 for all Regions (except Sicily and Sardinia € 18.00) - Italian islands, Venice and related lagoon area € 18.00.
    • For shipments to free zones, parts (eg Livigno, Campione ...), Europe and the rest of the world, please send an email to
    • Shipping made in 5/7 days after order if the jewel is available (delivery time: 24/48 hours North-Central Italy - 3-4 days South Italy and Islands). If it is not available, it will be made approximately in 20 days.
    • EG rings are usually adjustable (check descriptions).
    • For convenience, when ordering you will find the XS / S / M / L / XL sizes listed in the choices - you can see the corresponding sizes by viewing the Ring size chart | EG .
    • If the model of the chosen ring is adjustable, it will however be possible to widen or tighten it further.
    • XS - corresponds to sizes 7/8/9
    • S - corresponds to sizes 10/11/12
    • M - corresponds to sizes 13/14/15/16
    • L - corresponds to measures 17/18/19
    • XL - corresponds to size 20

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